Doctor Drake

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On a hummock by the lake


Stands the home of Doctor Drake,


Poor old doctor, how he works!


Week by week he never shirks.


Pulling teeth for quinea-fowl,


Soothing puppies when they howl,


Whittling out a hickory peg,


For a gander's broken leg,


Giving medicine away,


About a hundred times a day.

Linseed oil and elder-bark


To a croaking meadowlark.

Nasty, bitter yarrow-tea,

To a tipsy bumble-bee,


A poultice made of plantain leaves


To cure a rabbit with the heaves.


Fever, colic, cramp, or stitch,

Kitten-croup or beaver's-itch,


Any kind of pain or ache,

Is cured by dear, old Doctor Drake.

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