Best Ways To Help Baby Sleep Through The Night

Getting your baby to sleep is sometimes a tough chore! If a baby is waking up lots of time in the night, your sleep patterns are surely going to be disturbed. Getting the little sleepers to sleep through the night is not that easy.
Best Ways To Help Baby Sleep Through The Night
There are various reasons why the little ones stay awake late night.  So, for all the Mamas who are having trouble getting their baby to sleep through the night, below are some baby sleep tricks:

The little ones do not know the difference between day and night. To help them understand the difference, make daytime feeds lively and the meal time at night should be quiet.

Baby's 'sleep-wake cycle' starts developing when he/she is six weeks old. At this age, let the baby sleep on his own. Avoid feeding or rocking your baby to sleep as he may become habitual to it. Put the baby down on his back when he is feeling sleepy but still awake and give some time to settle on his own. But if a baby is crying, pat him gently and tell him that everything is fine.

Set a scene so that baby comes to know that it's bedtime. Switch off the TV, lights and wind down the activities so that your baby feels relaxed and understand that it's bedtime.

At an age of seven months, a baby is much aware of separation from you. So start placing some soft toys in baby's bed every day as having a familiar object give him a sense of security and can be comforting at night.

Set a routine of early bedtime. The bedtime of a baby should not be later than 9 pm. Also, make sure that your child is not overtired as he may become restless and struggle for going to sleep.

If the baby wakes up in the middle of his sleep and starts crying, do not pick him or start playing with him. Gently pat the baby to calm him down and then let him sleep.

These sleeping tricks may help your child to sleep better through the night.