Baby Shark Dancing Song For Kids

"Baby Shark" is one of the most popular nursery rhymes and dancing songs. It is a joyful song about a family of sharks, Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandpa Shark and Granny Shark. Though the song is designed for children, it is enjoyed by the adults as well because of its addictive, playful and upbeat music and fun lyrics.
Baby Shark Dancing Song For KidsYoutube

A fun dancing song

Kids as well as adults love and enjoy to dance to the playful music of Baby Shark song. They enjoy entertaining dance moves while watching the YouTube video.

Origin of Baby Shark Song

Historically, several children's songs named Baby Shark have been known for a long time. The rhyme was mentioned in the book on American band camps in 2007. On January 15, in the same year, a video named "Kleiner Hai" was sung by Alemuel. And this song was popular among the masses in no time.

Later, other versions of the song were published by Johnny Only and The Learning Station on YouTube, which was much pleasant than earlier versions, specially designated to young children.

Versions of the song

Various versions of the song have been created and published. The Korean version of the song gained a lot of popularity and received over 1.4 billion views across the world. Baby Shark song is among the most popular songs worldwide and has been featured in many TV shows and concerts.