Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise

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Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise is a Christmas story about Baby Hazel's fun-filled adventure to North Pole along with her friends and Santa. They hop on Santa's sleigh to reach North pole and hunt for Hazel's lost Christmas gift. Snow-clad North pole is full of surprises and obstacles, making it bit challenging for kids and Santa to find the gift. So could they find the gift? Let's check it out!!!

Jingle bells jingle bells 

jingle all the way! 

Oh what fun 

it is to ride 

In a one horse open sleigh, Hey! 

Christmas is here !!!

It's time for Baby Hazel and her friends to get gifts from Santa who are eagerly waiting for him to show up in his sleigh. 

Back at North pole, Santa gets ready with his bag pack full of Christmas presents for Baby Hazel and kids. 

“Ho Ho Ho... Christmas is around the corner. It's time to give gifts to Baby Hazel and all the other children. They may have been a little naughty this year, but they were mostly nice”, he says and boards his sleigh.

It's day before Christmas, Baby Hazel has decorated her home beautifully, and to treat her friends she has made yummy cookies with help of her Mom. She gets up early in morning and gets ready to enjoy along with her family and  friends .

“My friends have not shown up yet, I better wait for them”, said Hazel eagerly waiting for her friends.

All Hazel's friends come to wish her "Happy Holidays". She is delighted to see her friends. 

“Hi Friends, I was waiting for you all. Friends have these cookies, Mommy baked them just for us”, said Hazel offering cookies to all her friends. 

“Hazel these are so yummy”, said Mia taking a bite of cookie. They all ate delicious cookies whole heartedly.

“Friends have you brought your Christmas wish list”, asked Kenny to everyone. All kids were ready with their list.

“Let's go and send our wish-list to Santa Claus”, said Hazel. So they all go skiing to their playground which is now covered in snow, and one by one they send their wish.

Jake wishes for "New pair of snow blades", Kenny "Guitar", Mia "Cute kitten" and cute Hazel wishes for her "Grandparents to stay with her always". Delighted all kids close their eyes wish once again and sent their parachute balloon high up in air to Santa.

Back at home dressed in their night suit...Hazel and Matt were eagerly waiting for Santa. Hazel was singing and dancing near the Christmas tree and Matt was enjoying himself too. Both kids were excited.

"Oh Matt, please don't sleep,Santa Claus will be here soon",says Hazel getting excited. But Matt was exhausted playing all day and finally sleeps. 

"Matt is asleep now. I guess, I'll put him to bed",says Hazel quietly tucking him in. But Hazel was getting sleepy too and she too falls asleep. 

It was midnight and Santa came riding in his sleigh. When he sees Hazel sleeping he wakes her up,

"Ho Ho Ho....Wake up Hazel dear”.

“Ohh, Santa. Am I dreaming”, says Hazel getting shocked when she sees Santa.

"Merry Christmas my child",wishes Santa and gives her present. 

"Merry Christmas to you too Santa...Thank-you for the gift",Hazel says taking the gift and when she unwraps it she is happy to see it was her favorite cake-pop. 

"Ho Ho Ho. I'm glad you liked it. I am going to your friends home now. I will give them the same gift”, says Santa to Hazel smiling.

"Oh no! They all have wished for different gifts. Can you please give them what they wished for?",says Hazel getting sad for her friends. 

"Oh my child, Don't you worry, your friends will get gifts according to their wish",says Santa and cheers up Hazel. That’s when Hazel gets up from her Santa dream and goes back to sleep enjoying her dream.

Finally it's Christmas morning.... 

Our little angel was still dreaming about Santa,that's when Mom comes to her room and wakes her up saying,"Hazel, wake up sweetie. Merry Christmas”. But Hazel was still lazing her bed.

“Get ready Hazel all your friends have come to see you”, Mom says and Hazel wakes up with excitement greets her Mom, “Merry Christmas”, gets ready to meet her friends.

Hazel gets ready, and puts on a beautiful dress and goes outside. When she sees her friend she greets them happily, “Merry Christmas Everybody” and they too wish her back "Merry Christmas".

They were gobbling on delicious gingerbread cookies, even Charlie the parrot too was watching all kids enjoying, that's when suddenly wind blows and all kids try to take shelter. 

But it was none other than, Santa who was landing his sleigh down. All kids were excited and surprised to see him.

“SANTA's here”, squeals Mia excitedly.

“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Kids”, wishes Santa to all kids.

“Merry Christmas”,all kids say in unison.

All kids were happy to see Santa Claus,they all knew it was time to get gifts from him,they already saw Santa's bag with their names on gifts.

One by one Santa handed gift to everyone...

Kenny got his guitar, Mia her cute kitten, they were all delighted. Even Santa had a gift for Hazel's Mom, a beautiful necklace. After giving her present Santa asks Mom,

“My Dear Lady, I hope you liked your gift ?”

“Oh Santa, it's beautiful”, says Mom

“Will you treat me to some of your delicious hot chocolate,I have long way to go and it's freezing outside”, says Santa.

“Of course, I will. Hot chocolate for everyone”,says Mom and goes inside house to get hot chocolate for all.

Now only Jake and Hazel were remaining to get gifts.

“Hey Kiddo, this is for you”, says Santa handing Jake his gift. When he opens his gift he is excited to see new pair of snow-blades, he gets on them so he can go skiing.

Hazel was eagerly waiting for her turn. Only one gift remained in Santa's bag, but it had no name tag on it, excited Hazel opens the gift but becomes sad as soon as she finds chillies inside the box.

“Oh no, these are chillies. These are for you Charlie, Merry Christmas”, says Hazel offering chillies to Charlie. He took them and flew away happily.

“Santa why didn't I get a gift?, I was “Good” all year”, asks sad Hazel to Santa

“I gave gifts to all kids, my dear”, said Santa and started to think about Hazel's gift. 

When he suddenly remembered ,on his way to Hazel's house when he boarded his sleigh with bag full of gifts for kids, he had to face an naughty wind. The wind blowed and Santa lost his control over his sleigh and that's when Hazel's gift tumbled on the ground and was lost. 

He narrated this incident to Hazel and kids and getting sad, he said, “Oh Dear, I'm so sorry. I lost your gift Hazel”.

Getting concerned Hazel asks ,”Santa are you okay?, You coming to visit us,is the best gift of all”.

“No Hazel Dear, It's Christmas and all kids should get their gifts. Come let's go and search for your gift”,says Santa to all.

“Hurray”, kids shout excitedly as they were going to visit North pole on Christmas day. Mission to find Hazel's gift began with kids riding Santa's sleigh, high up in the sky and Charlie following them.

When they all arrived in North-pole, it was cold but beautiful too with the biggest Christmas tree twinkling. Santa took all kids  to place where he thought he dropped it, reaching to the spot he said,

“Now let's see, I might have lost the gift here”. 

“Let's all go in different directions everyone. It'll be easier for us to find my gift”, said Hazel  to all.Kenny and Mia headed off in one direction,while Hazel, Santa and Charlie the parrot in another.

Hazel searched among the trees, with Charlie but no luck. Santa spots an Snowman and searches for the gift there. Hazel comes across an igloo and thinks about searching inside by peeking through the small window. But the window was too high and our little angel tried her best. She saw little glowworm to go inside the igloo and brighten the room inside. 

“Charlie, Charlie would you check inside the igloo for me”, she requested her pet. Hazel waited outside for the news but was again disappointed.

Santa was searching for the gift near snowman, when Hazel approached him. She again looked around and spotted her gift lying on the ground. It was under small pile of snow.

“Hurray, there's my gift”, says Hazel jumping up and down with joy. 

Santa went forward to grab it for her, but he tumbled inside the big hole which was covered with snow pile. Sweet Hazel was scared when she saw Santa take a tumble. 

“Santaaa, oh no what do we do now?”, she called for him but the pit was too deep. Instead of losing hope and getting disheartened she started to think and finally got an idea.

She spots the Christmas tree and baubles twinkling around the tree, she goes to tree and unties the rope that were holding baubles.

Santa was finally happy as he found Hazel's gift. He was trying to get out of the pit,but it was too deep and Santa was unable to climb up. Santa tried again and again to climb up but was unable to get out.

While sat inside the pit holding onto Hazel's gift he sees a rope coming down. Smart Hazel had tied the rope to the sleigh with help with both rein-deers, her friends all were pulling rope to help Santa get out of the big pit and they all succeeded too. Santa was out of the big pit in no time, 

“Hurray, we did it”, all kids shouted with joy when Santa was out.

“Ho Ho Ho... Thank you kids”, said Santa to all kids.

“Are you all right Santa?”, asked Hazel getting concerned for him.

“Oh, I am fine. Santa can take a tumble. More importantly here's your gift”, said Santa handing gift to Hazel. When she opened her gift, she was delighted to see two miniature talking dolls of her Grandparents. 

Getting excited she greets them,“Merry Christmas Granny and Grandpa”.

“Merry Christmas Hazel”, the dolls greeted her back. All were happy to see that Hazel is no longer sad and has also got her gift. 

“All right kids, we better be heading back or your mother's going to worry”, said Santa to all kids. They boarded the sleigh along with Santa and headed for home.

Back home Mom comes out carrying tray of  hot chocolate  for everyone, but is surprised to see no one in sight.

“Where are the kids and Santa”,she says to herself. But she is surprised to see Santa's sleigh come and stop in front of her with kids in it. 

“Mom look my gift from Santa”, says Hazel showing her gift to Mom.

“It's beautiful sweetheart”,says Mom smiling at her.

“All right, here is your hot chocolate”, said Mom offering them steaming cups which they all enjoyed.

Now it was finally time for Santa to leave, he thanked Mom and said to kids,

“Unfortunately kids it's time for me to go”.

“Thank you Santa, for the wonderful sleigh ride. We are going to miss you”, said Hazel.

“Merry Christmas Santaaaaa”, greet all kids happily.

“Merry Christmas to you all.  Ho Ho Ho”, Santa wishes them back, jumps on his sleigh and leaves for north-pole. All kids wave him goodbye and enjoy Christmas happily.

Merry Christmas!!! 


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