Baby Hazel Plumber Dressup

Baby Hazel is excited to style up for her new job as a plumber. With a wardrobe full latest collection of outfits and accessories, Baby Hazel is confused about what she should wear. Let us lend a helping hand to the little girl! Mix and match shirts, skirts, tops, pants and other accessories to give Baby Hazel a gorgeous dress up.

Baby Hazel Business Tycoon Dressup

It’s time to give Baby Hazel a fabulous business tycoon makeover! Mix and match shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, hats, sunglasses, socks and shoes to dress up Hazel for the office. Also give her a good-looking office bag to keep the important documents in it. Have fun!

Baby Hazel Zoologist Dressup

Baby Hazel is all set to be a zoologist and learn all about animals! She will enjoy wildlife safari and meet some adorable animals and study about their behavior. But before that, Baby Hazel needs your help to look fabulous at her job. Choose from an awesome collection of outfits and accessories to give Hazel a perfect zoologist makeover.

Baby Hazel Welder Dressup

Baby Hazel is geared up with safety gears and helmet as she is preparing to be a welder! She needs your help to get ready for her job. Show off your fashion skills and mix and match skirts, trousers, pants, tops, shoes and socks to give her a fabulous welder makeover.

Baby Hazel Waitress Dressup

Baby Hazel is excited for her job as a waitress. She needs your help to pick a stylish uniform and accessories for her new job. Explore Hazel’s wardrobe full of fancy mini skirts, knee pants, shirts, and frocks and dress her up in these nice-looking outfits. Once you have selected the outfits, pick matching pair of shoes. Give her an awesome hairstyle and add some pretty Accessories to complete the waitress makeover. This is going to be so much fun!

Baby Hazel Veterinarian Dressup

Baby Hazel adores her pets and loves to take care of them. Now she wants to be a veterinarian. Isn’t it such a noble thought?Let’s help Baby Hazel get dressed up in this exciting new venture. Show off your fashion taste and choose from dozens of trendy outfits including skirts, shirts, pants, socks, shoes and other required accessories to give her an awesome veterinarian makeover. Have fun!

Baby Hazel Valentine Dressup

It is Valentine’s Day! Baby Hazel is excited to celebrate this season of love with her friends. Darling Hazel needs your help to get ready for the Valentine celebration. Dozens of stylish outfits, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup choices and shoes to dress her up. Change the color of outfits and accessories as per your choice. So kids, show off your styling sense and help Baby Hazel to look pretty this Valentine.

Baby Hazel ThanksGiving Dressup

It is Thanksgiving Day! Time for turkey, apple pie and loads of fun! Baby Hazel is very excited and she wants to dressup in thanksgiving day themed dress! But for that, she needs your help. So help Baby Hazel wear the best dress for Thanksgiving day.

Baby Hazel Swimmer Dressup

Baby Hazel wants to spend her free time at swimming pool and beach, along with her friends and have lot of fun. But, our little princess is not in the right outfit. Baby Hazel needs your help to get ready for the swimming. Choose from a wide collection of colorful swimsuits, hairstyles, hair accessories, shoes and goggles to dress up Baby Hazel. Also pick a swim tube for the little princess. Enjoy!

Baby Hazel SuperGirl Dressup

Baby Hazel as a supergirl is ready to fight the goons and set things right. So it’s time to give her an awesome supergirl makeover. Choose from tons of t-shirts, tops, skirts, caps, socks, shoes and hair accessories to style up Hazel. Pick the best outfits and accessories to give her an ultimate supergirl makeover. Have fun!

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