Baby Hazel Puppy Care

Do you love puppies? Our Baby Hazel too loves her pet puppy, Bruno a lot. Today, she is in a mood to pamper Bruno with delicious treat and build kennel for him. Let’s join Hazel to help her in bathing puppy and serving him food of his choice. Then go along with Hazel to pet shop and buy stuff required for building doghouse. Finally, assist Hazel in building and painting a beautiful house for Bruno.

Baby Hazel enjoys playing at the backyard

Baby Hazel enjoys playing her favorite games at backyard. Let’s join Hazel to have fun playing games and watering the plants.

Baby Hazel bathe Bruno

Oh no! Naughty Bruno has become so messy. Assist Hazel bathing cute little Bruno. Don’t forget to dry and brush his fur.

Baby Hazel feeds Bruno

Bruno’s belly is empty and he wants a tasty treat. Help Hazel to feed Bruno his favorite food.

Baby Hazel and Bruno shopping time

Wow! Baby Hazel has decided to build a beautiful kennel for Bruno. Go along with Hazel and Bruno to pet house and buy the required supplies for kennel.

Baby Hazel builds doghouse

Baby Hazel is back to home with all the stuff. Now let’s join Hazel to build a beautiful doghouse for Bruno. Pick the shades of your choice to paint it. Have fun!

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

It’s time to have some fun in kitchen with Baby Hazel! Today Baby Hazel has to take care of her little brother, Matt as mom is out for some work. As darling Hazel is too young she needs your help in taking care of Matt. Assist Hazel to prepare a yummy fruit treat for Matt using ingredients from her kitchen. Help her in feeding this tasty food to Matt without making him cry for mom. Enjoy pampering Matt and assisting Hazel in this fun-filled game.

Baby Hazel plays with Matt

It’s playtime for Baby Hazel and Baby Matt. Mom is not at home and Matt is missing her a lot. Help Hazel to pamper her little brother and keep him busy in fun-filled activities.

Help Hazel in preparing infant meal

Little Matt is hungry. But he is not interested in having vegetable puree. Can you help Hazel to prepare a healthy and tasty meal for Matt by using ingredients from her kitchen?

Feed Matt the tasty meal

Superb! Baby Hazel has prepared a mixed fruit treat for her darling brother. Help Hazel to feed this delicious food to Matt and make sure that he does not miss mom by pampering him.

Put Matt to sleep

Baby Matt is feeling sleepy after having his fruit treat. Can you help Hazel to get Matt ready for bed time by changing his diaper and dressing him up in his sleep dress? Put Matt to sleep by playing lullabies.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel in Preschool

Today is Baby Hazel s first day at the preschool. Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and not interested to go. Convince Baby Hazel and get her ready to go to the preschool. When she is in the preschool with other kids, help them perform different activities by fulfilling their needs.

Check hint bubbles to know the needs of Baby Hazel and others. Fulfill their needs quickly to earn bonus points. You lose the game if you make the kids cry.

Get ready to goto school

Today is Baby Hazel’s first day at the preschool. She has woken up but in a playful mood. Convince Baby Hazel to get ready to go to preschool. Give her a quick shower followed by a healthy breakfast.

Baby Hazel at preschool

Now Baby Hazel is in the preschool. Help Baby Hazel and other kids in performing different activities. Make sure they learn while playing and never get bored. Make sure that kids learn to socialize and care for each other.

Snack break at preschool

Now it is break time and kids are snacking together. To make their snack time fun, Mam is showing how to make shapes using food items. Help Baby Hazel to follow Mam’s instructions carefully to create funny foods of different shapes.

Now it is Playtime at preschool

Finally it is play time. Help Baby Hazel and other kids play different games in the play area.

Controls : Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!

Baby Hazel Swimming Time

Wow! Time for Baby Hazel to learn swimming. Uncle James had promised Hazel to give her swimming lessons and he is keeping his promise now. Baby Hazel prepares herself for the sessions by packing her bag with swimming costumes and other essentials. Help her in packing all the swimming necessities. Then go along with Hazel to the swimming pool and help her in dressing up in swim costumes and gears. Join little angel to learn how to swim as per instructions given by uncle James.

Baby Hazel packs swim gears

Hurray! Uncle James is ready to give swimming lessons to Baby Hazel. But before heading to swimming classes, she needs to pack her bag with swim costumes and other necessities. Be with Hazel to make sure that she has packed her bag with all the required essentials for swimming.

Baby Hazel dress up in swim costumes

Baby Hazel is getting ready for the swimming lessons. Help hazel to dress up in swimming costumes and accessories. Hazel is a foodie so suggest her to avoid overeating before swimming.

Baby Hazel learn basics of swimming

Wonderful! Baby Hazel is all set to learn how to swim from uncle James. Be with Hazel and don’t leave her unattended. She is bit scared to get into the pool. Can you motivate her to get into the pool and carefully learn swimming stepbystep..

Baby Hazel show moves in pool

With the swimming lessons taken from uncle James, our darling Hazel is perfect in swimming now. She shows amazing moves underwater and swims perfectly in swimming pool. Enjoy Hazel’s moves in the pool!

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Hair Care

Baby Hazel long hairs are really tough to manage. Moreover, improper hair care has resulted dandruff on her scalp. She needs to trim her hairs, along with an effective dandruff treatment. Fulfill the needs of Hazel and keep her happy by offering her toys while trimming, dandruff treatment and having body and hair wash.

Baby Hazel hair cut

Hey! Hairs of Baby Hazel has grown too long and she unable to manage them. She needs trimming of hairs so that proper haircare can be taken. While trimming hairs of Hazel, distract her attention by giving some toys as haircut is not less then a nightmare for her.

Baby Hazel dandruff treatment

As Hazel hairs were grown too long, proper hair care was not done, resulting dandruff on her scalp. Give her a dandruff treatment which begins with a soothing massage followed by combing of hairs to flake off dandruff.

Baby Hazel shower

After a haircare treatment, Baby Hazel needs to freshen up. Give her a gentle shower and make her happy by putting toys in her bath tub. Apply mild shampoo and soap on her delicate hairs and skin. Remove the tangles of hair using comb and tie two tails with colorful bands. Dress up with a nice dress.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

For a good health, hygiene care is very important. Our Hazel is small and we need to teach her important hygiene care tips. Help Hazel in different hygiene care activities such as changing dirty clothes and washing them. Also teach her to keep her nails trimmed, wash her face with soap properly and brush teeth to maintain oral care. Don’t forget to tell her about dining hygiene like washing hands before and after meal.

Baby Hazel laundry wash

Little Hazel enjoyed playing in mud and now she wants to change her dirty clothes and wash them. Help Hazel in washing dirty clothes and then ironing them. Give clean slippers and dress to Hazel for wearing.

Baby Hazel hygiene care activities

Baby Hazel has changed her clothes but still feeling untidy. Oh, her face is dirty and nails are filled with mud. Maintain hygiene care by brushing, washing her face and trimming the nails. Also comb her hairs properly.

Baby Hazel meal time hygiene

Hazel is feeling fresh now. She is hungry and wants to have a delicious meal. Can you teach little girl to maintain hygiene care by washing hands before and after meal?

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Skin Care

Winter is most awaited season by kids as they get a chance to play with snow. Baby Hazel too loves enjoying outdoor games in snow. But her skin can loose softness and become dry if she does not take proper skin care. Help her in taking a warm water bath and applying mild body lotion before dressing up. To prevent chapped lips, apply lip balm. Serve her highly nutritious food and warm water. Enjoy shivering winters with Hazel!

Baby Hazel snow play

Winters are enjoyed by people of all ages, especially kids. Hazel is also excited with arrival of winters as she gets chance to play with snow and indulge in skiing and making snow man. Hazel has just returned home after playing with snow. Remove her wet clothes that are messed with snow patches all over.

Baby Hazel warm bath

Baby Hazel needs a refreshing bath with a warm water. Set the temperature of room and water to make them warm so that Hazel does not shiver. Apply Baby shampoo and body wash and give shower. Keep her happy by giving her favorite toys.

Baby Hazel winter care

Winters are harsh so Hazel needs a special skin care to keep the skin soft and shinny. Before changing diaper apply unscented cold to avoid diaper rashes. Apply mild body lotion all over body to keep skin soft. Use lip balm to treat her chapped lips. Dress up her in warm clothes.

Baby Hazel snack time

Skin care regime is completed and now its time to feast at delicious food that is high in nutrients. Prepare a whole grain cereals and steamed and pureed carrots for Hazel. Before serving make suer food and water is warm. Enjoy Hazel feeding.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Bed Time

Stars are twinkling in the sky and night seems beautiful in moonlight. Baby Hazel is now ready to go to bed but before that she needs to brush her teeth and take a shower. Help Hazel in carrying her bedtime activities. Make a bed for her and pamper the little girl by telling her interesting stories. If bad dream scares Hazel, pamper her with kisses and playing lullabies.

Baby Hazel bedtime activities

As moon has appeared and stars are twinkling, it’s time for Baby Hazel to go to bed and enjoy sweet dreams. She needs to brush and have bath before going to bed. Help little angel in her bedtime activities and dress up her in comfortable night wear.

Baby Hazel bed making

For a comfortable and deep sleep, bed has to prepared for Baby Hazel. Make a bed for her by keeping blanket, pillow and some toys.

Baby Hazel bedtime stories

Baby Hazel is feeling sleepy but before a deep sleep she wants to hear interesting story of red riding hood. Pamper her with kisses and hugs when she gets scared of wolf while listening to the story. Her sound sleep is not disturbed with hunger, so don’t forget to feed her with milk.

Baby Hazel scary dreams

Sweet little Hazel is having sound and deep sleep. But wolf in the story is still alive in her mind and thus, sees wolf in her dreams. Be with angel throughout the night and pamper her whenever she gets scared and cries.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

Cheerful morning of Baby Hazel starts with surprise gifts. While having shower, she is given interesting tasks to complete and on winning receives ballerina toys from mom. Another reason for Hazel to be very excited is that she is going to learn ballerina dance. But our little doll is feeling bit nervous and uneasy in her dance class. Can your encourage Hazel and make her comfortable so that she follows the instructions of teacher carefully.

Baby Hazel Ballerina toys

Today, having bath is a great fun for Baby Hazel. Mom gives interesting tasks to Hazel and surprise her with wonderful gifts on completing it. Hazel should not miss any of the gift so help her in winning the funfilled games.

Baby Hazel refreshing bath

Baby Hazel is overwhelmed to receive ballerina dolls from mom. Now she has to take shower but mom is busy getting ready the dance costumes for her. Take care of Hazel while she is having bath and fulfill all her demands.

Baby Hazel dance costumes

Our loving princess is feeling energetic after bath. She has to get ready for her dance class now. Dress up Hazel in beautiful costumes quickly and give her best suiting accessories to wear. Make sure she is not late for her class.

Baby Hazel Ballerina dance class

Hazel is excited to learn ballerina dance but feeling little shy and is nervous. She needs your support to build self confidence. Can you make her comfortable so that she learns dance steps properly.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel, Mia, Layla and Jasmin

Baby Hazel Laundry Time

Surprisingly, Hazel is going to learn laundry wash today. Mom is going to teach the complete process of laundry wash where Hazel will learn washing and drying of clothes. Be with Hazel and help her in operating washing machine and washing the white and colored clothes separately. Laundry wash also involves drying and ironing of clothes. Take care that she performs these activities carefully and safely. Pay heed to the demands of darling angel.

Baby Hazel rain fun

Baby Hazel enjoys her leisure time playing with Katy at backyard garden. Suddenly, bright sky is covered with dark black clouds, which showered a heavy rain. Take care of Hazel and Katy while they are playing in rain.

Baby Hazel laundry wash

Baby Hazel has washed colored and white clothes together in a washing machine, leaving colored patches on white clothes. Mom being kind to her princess, decides to teach her the complete laundry process. Be with Hazel to help her in learning cloth washing.

Baby Hazel learns ironing

Washed clothes are to be ironed now but Hazel is too young to iron them. So mom iron the clothes herself and asks Hazel to fold and set them in wardrobe. Help Hazel in doing the same.

Controls : Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.

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