Kids Health

Tips To Soothe The Discomfort Of Teething

The teething pain can be ordeal for babies! From the time baby's new tooth starts emerging, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. They feel uneasy and irritable and often cries due to puffy gums. Some of the common symptoms of teething are swollen gums,

Massaging Techniques For The Pre-crawling Babies

Massaging the pre-crawling baby is an essential skill of mother. It a great way to bond with your newborn baby. Moreover, there are many potential benefits of massaging the infant daily such as promoting sound sleep, boosting growth, aiding digestion, strengthening muscles and enhancing their immune system.

Easy To Digest And Healthy Food For Babies

The tiny tummies of babies cannot digest all types of solid food. Moreover, they eat in a very less quantity so it is very important that food fed to them should be healthy that contains essential nutrients. Below is the quick time guide on what type of foods should be served to the little ones, that are packed with lots of nutrients.

Oral Care Tips For Babies

Oral care is very important as it prevents the tooth decay and gums problem!!!

Either your baby's teeth have started emerging or not, don't miss to take a good care of their mouth. It is important that your baby should get the best oral care as it is good for those future permanent teeth.

Stages Of Development In Toddlers Age From 12 To 24 Months

You will observe various changes in your child behavior as they grow. They master different milestones and develops at her/his own pace. Your child is normal and you don't have to worry if you notice the below changes in your little one.