Kids Health

Developing Good Eating Habits In Toddlers

Eating stomach full food is very important for a child. And if your baby is not having his proper diet it can really be distressing. Therefore, it very essential to teach good eating habits to the little ones so that the required nutrients are fulfilled. It would be very beneficial if you start teaching better eating habits as soon as you introduce solid food to your child.

How To Soothe The Crying Babies

The little ones need more and more cuddles, comfort, care and also the food from their mom as they are fully dependent on them. And the only way infants and toddlers can communicate with their mom is crying. They will cry when they want all those needs to be fulfilled.

Tips To Comfort Babies After Vaccination

Vaccination is important for every baby as it guards against the infectious disease. But it is not easy to handle the baby's first shots. Infant's first vaccination can trigger fever and rashes and they may fall moderately ill. However, you can make the experience less painful and stressful by doing few things.

Simple Ways To Boost Brain Development In Infants

The time spent with your little one should not only be fun-filled but also include some delightful activities that help in boosting their tiny brain. During the first year of babies, trillions of brain-cell connections are grown. And if these are not wired together, they may be lost during the child's school years.

Stages Of Development In Toddlers Age From 12 To 24 Months

You will observe various changes in your child behavior as they grow. They master different milestones and develops at her/his own pace. Your child is normal and you don't have to worry if you notice the below changes in your little one. is a free site offering lyrics and music to hundreds of popular nursery rhymes that have been passed down through the ages. Use our site to keep kids entertained, find lyrics to a nursery rhyme that you can't remember, or bring you back to a happy time when you were child.